Shipwrecked Norwegian fishing boat, Deception Island, Antarctica. Fine Art Photography Prints for Sale by Michael Scott Lees

Shipwrecked fishing boat, Deception Island, Antarctica - Code: ANT8303ML

Title: Entrapped.

Location: Deception Island, Antarctica

Image Code: ANT8303ML

Portfolio Type: Limited Edition Fine Art Portfolio


Deception Island, what a dark colorless place at first glance and feel, but yet an incredibly intriguing and unique environment. Deception Island is an island, that’s actually a volcano, there is a small opening in the volcano wall that allows water into the crater, which has created a bay, that our ship could sail into. There used to be an old floating whaling refinery in the middle of the bay and they stored the oils from the whales in large storage tanks on the beach. This old Norwegian fishing boat caught fire and they grounded it on the outer coast of Deception Island. Its was fantastic being in the Zodiac inflatable boat pushing these little bits of ice out of the way to get a good look at the boat. I used a wide angle lens on this shot to get that affect of the pancake ice steppingstones leading up to the burnt out boat. I never did find out when this happened.

  • Limited Edition Fine Art Portfolio

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