Snowgums in the mist at Dead Horse Gap in the Kosciuszko National Park, Australia. Fine Art Photography Prints for Sale

Dead Horse Gap, Kosciuszko National Park, Australia. - Image: SN12P3L

Title: Weaving through the mist

Location: Dead Horse Gap, Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Code: SN12P3L

Portfolio Type: Limited Edition Fine Art Portfolio


This shot was taken at the tree line near South Ramshead, its quite an interesting story on how I captured this image. About 4 years before I took this shot, I was passing through heading for Mt Kosciuszko when from about 200 metres away I looked at these cluster of trees and said to my self there a shot in there. It was weird because I had this strong need to go over to it, but time was against me and on I pushed. Then two years later I was passing the spot again at the end of a 7 day, Kiandra to Dead Horse Gap, when I looked over again at these trees and once again was strongly drawn to them, but once again, there wasn’t time. Then on the day before I took the shot, I was doing a Dead Horse Gap to Kiandra trip, I started climbing up out of Dead Horse Gap onto the South Ramshead when my lower back went and I was in great pain. The weather was also very bad so I decide to camp in the tree line and wait till morning to see how my back was and see if the weather had improved. During dinner that night I suddenly remembered that I was close to that cluster of snow gums, so I thought if my back is still bad then I’ll call off the trip but at least go and check out the cluster of snow gums. Well I got up the next morning and my back was really bad and so was the weather, I nearly decide just to head straight back down the mountain but I thought, bugger it I’m here lets put up with the pain and look at these trees that have lured me for years. Once I got to the spot that buzzy adrenalin high hit me, I get it when I know I’ve got something really amazing, the brain just went into overdrive and I went into that beautiful shooting zone. I‘d completely forgotten about my back and came away with some extraordinary snow gum imagery. This whole episode made me realize that you have to listen to your instincts for there generally not wrong.

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