Elephant and Zebras on a dead lake in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Africa, Michael Scott Lees fine art photographic prints

Amboseli National Park, Kenya – Code: AN8586P2T


Location: Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Africa

Code: AN8586P2T

Portfolio Type: “ THE ONE ” Fine Art Portfolio

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Once again I’m out on the dead lake in Amboseli National Park, I just absolutely love it out on the dead lake. It was fast becoming a tradition to have a thermos of coffee or tea and a sweet biscuit to munch on and take time out and sit onto of the Land Rover and just take it all in. I’d sit there and just take in the space around me, I could feel the energy of Amboseli recharging my soul. I would watch the zebras go by taking in the timelessness of the place. It gave me this feeling that I don’t get that often, but love, of being so insignificant in the world, yet at the same time of such strength and importance. I would close my eyes and feel the sun and the wind caressing my body and a sense of peace would run through me. I would open my eyes and lazily scan the shimmering horizon and stop at a figure that was impossible to recognize coming through the heat haze. It would slowly take form, it was tall, it looked like a mammoth, but that’s impossible, it then showed itself in its true form, it was a big bull elephant.


I smiled and said to myself out load “ I love what I do ”. Jumping off the Land Rover and quickly chucking the morning tea things in the back seat, I slipped the Land Rover into gear and was once again of on an adventure that I had no idea of where it would lead me and what I would see and experience.

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