Elephant on a dead lake in Amboseli National Park, Michael Scott Lees fine art photographic prints for sale

Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Africa – Code: AN7525MT


Location: Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Africa

Code: AN7525MT

Portfolio Type: “ THE ONE ” Fine Art Portfolio

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This was the culminations of many years of thinking about the dead lake at Amboseli, I had visited this spot twice before in my life. I knew the sort of shots I wanted, I knew animals must cross this lake in numbers, but I had never really seen a great number of animals doing so. Back in Australia I had thought about when and where the animals would cross and I started formulating a plan of attack for when I got back to Amboseli again.


So now I was back in Amboseli and applying my plan of attack and after a morning of searching and exploring, dodging grassy bogs, I finally hit the jackpot, I’d found access to the dead lake and it had plenty of wildlife activity, I felt like I was in the very dry section of the Garden of Eden and miraculously the magic of Amboseli started to unfold in front of me. Over the next four days I photograph varying combinations and numbers of animals from elephants, wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, lion and oryx’s. Amazingly everyday was different, showing me the beautiful moods and characters of Amboseli.


Just before I headed onto the dead lake this bull elephant came wondering off the dead lake covered in dust, he must of given himself a dust bath as he crossed the dead lake, he looked awesome.


  • "The One" Fine Art Portfolio

    “The One“ Fine Art Portfolio imagery has an edition size of one, there is only one hand signed print in existence. The image can be reproduced in my Gift Collection product range, but no larger than a 10 x 10inch surface area in size. Gift Collection products, such as the Fine Art Mini print, actively promote the existence of ”The One” imagery and help increase their popularity and potential value. They also act as a preview for customers looking at purchasing ”The One” imagery.


    “The One” imagery is printed on the most archivally stable media at the time, but they can be reprinted onto a different media or to a different size, at any time by the purchaser, once the current print media is destroyed, this ensures that there is only one print in existence at any one time. Being able to reprint the image at any time overcomes the issues of fading, as all artworks fade, and of accidental damage. This enables “The One” imagery to be passed down through countless generations. For further information on "The One" Fine Art Portfolio see this link below “The Different Portfolio’s”.


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