G A L L E R Y    I N F O R M A T I O N


The  Different  Portfolio's

“The One ”  Fine Art Portfolio

“The One ” Fine Art Portfolio imagery, are true investments in fine art and can be part of your families ancestry. Michael chooses imagery that have a special significance to him during his journey to create beautiful imagery of our incredible planet. There will only be one printed image ever produced at any one time, the only exclusion to this is the Gift Collection product range such as Fine Art Mini Artworks and books etc, as these products are intended to promote the existence of the single editioned image and thus increase it’s popularity. The print size of the Gift Collection products will never be greater than the surface area of a 10 x 10 inch print.


The purchaser also owns the right to destroy the original printed media and print it again on the most current media technology available. This does away with the biggest issue facing any sort of art and that is fading of the artwork due to light over time. This enables the artwork to be displayed at all times without the worry of the artwork being damaged over time, this also enables the artwork to be passed down through generations making them truly part of your family ancestry. This ensures that the images are a true investment and always looking its best.


“The One ” Fine Art Portfolio imagery are printed on archival media, they are printed on some of the most fade resistant photographic print media’s available on the market today.


  Michael’s signature is digitally signed on all “The One ” Fine Art prints and they come with a certificate of authenticity hand signed by Michael with a high resolution file of the image.


The purchaser also has the ability to use the image with limited rights, but it must be agreed upon by Michael Scott Lees and a royalty to Michael Scott Lees when used commercially.




Limited Edition Fine Art Portfolio

These are selected images by Michael that are available in a set number of sizes and each of these sizes has a print edition limit allocated to them with the exception of the Fine Art Mini Print/Gift Collection range, which are unlimited in their print production so as to advertise the existence of the Limited Edition .The Limited Edition imagery is printed on some of the most fade resistant photographic print media available on the market today. Limited edition prints are digitally signed with Michaels signature and edition number. Edition numbering is collated over all the print media types within that print size. 


If a customer wants a custom size, the edition number for that print will be collated with the next sized edition level up from that custom size.


There are two series of limited edition numbering, my tradition series is the L series, which has a larger edition number and the LE series which is my new limited edition series which are smaller in their edition sizes. You can see which series an image is by looking at the image code, if there is an LE in the code it is the new edition series, if it has an L (not followed by a D) then it is the traditional series. Below are the edition sizes for each sized print for both Limited Edition series.


L Series (media size is determined by the longest measurement of a print)         

Media Size     40in     50in     60in     70in     80in   100in    120in

Edition size    500      100      50       40       30       20         10


LE Series

There are 20 prints produced for every image size listed


Limited Edition Fine Art Portfolio imagery are printed on archival media, they are printed on some of the most fade resistant photographic print media’s available on the market today.




Fine Art Living Portfolio

These are selected images by Michael that are available in one set size and finish. There is no restriction on the number of prints produced. They are printed on archival media, they are printed on some of the most fade resistant photographic print media’s available on the market today.


Print Media

Print  ( Archival Prints)

These archival prints are the most fade resistant photographic prints on paper, available on the market today. Archival prints are Giclee prints (inkjet prints). These prints last around 83 years behind glass, under normal office lighting, without sign of fading. Prints are available in Gloss, Satin (Semi Gloss) and matte. They come rolled in a tube for you to take to your local framer.































Metal and Acrylic Prints  ( Archival Prints)

Metal Prints are imagery printed onto metal (aluminium), the metal coupled with the heavily coated clear surface gives a brilliant luminescence and vibrant depth of colour, they can be printed up to a length of 60 inches.  Acrylic Prints are prints face mounted onto a sheet of acrylic, also giving a brilliant luminescence and vibrant depth of colour just like the metal prints, this process is used for prints above 60 inches. Both media finishes offer the same look and feel, the reason for having the two is that the metal is just a little easier to handle and transport from a logistics point of view.


Both Metal and Acrylic Prints are easily cleaned with a glass cleaner, they are lightweight and long lasting and are becoming the choice for commercial, fine art and home decor applications. Its claimed that Metal and Acrylic Prints last around 64 years under normal office lighting without sign of fading. It is also claimed that because of Metal Prints water resistant characteristics, it can be displayed in bathrooms where it’s impervious to daily moisture scenarios, but I would be cautious in saying that this is a 100% full proof. Note Acrylic Prints are not water resistant


Metal and Acrylic Print come ready to hang on your walls, where they look as though they are floating just off the wall. Metal and Acrylic Prints can also have a frame put around them by your local framer if you so desire. They are available in a Gloss, Satin (semi Gloss) or Matte finish




















































Canvas includes Stretched Canvas ( Archival Canvas)

Canvas images are produced with the same high quality inks as the Prints but is printed onto a specially coated canvas material. A canvas print in normal office lighting will last around 46 years before signs of fading, when coated in a special UV coating it will last round 85 years without signs of fading under normal office lighting. They are available in a Gloss, Satin (semi Gloss) or Matte finish, the most selected surface is Matte or Satin. The Canvas print is rolled in a tube for you to take to your local framer. Stretched canvases come ready to hang. 

Metal Print Surface Finishes
Canvas Print Tubed
Canvas Print Surfaces
Canvas Stretched around a pine frame, ready to hang

Custom Sizing

“The One” Fine Art Portfolio

“The One” Fine Art Portfolio imagery are all able to be created at a custom size and on any media available on the market. Contact me on my contact form at the bottom of this page with your desired media and size and I will create a quote for you.



Limited Edition Fine Art Portfolio

Limited Edition Fine Art Portfolio imagery are able to be created in a custom size from the listed media. The cost of the print will be the next listed size up from the custom size and the edition numbering will come from that size as well. If you would like to customize the type of media the image is printed onto, please contact me via my contact form at the bottom of this page with your desired media and size and I will see if it’s possible and if so create a quote for you.



Fine Art Living Portfolio

Fine Art Living Portfolio imagery are not able to be custom sized. 


Purchasing Process


All prices on the website are in USdollars. All transactions are completed using PayPal payment systems and are processed without sharing your financial details.  A PayPal account is not needed to process credit card payments.



Production Time

All products are created from the placement of an order, thus it takes longer to receive the finished artwork then if the product was produced in mass and sitting on a shelf ready for dispatch


All orders will generally take 30 days to be created. This can vary due to my printing labs workload, if I’m on a remote location shoot, if a sample print (Fine Art Mini Print) or customized print is required, any of these factor can increase production time. 



Shipping & Handling

Allow up to 3-4 business days for your purchase to arrive, purchases are sent by Post or courier.. Please make sure your delivery address is a location where there is someone present 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, as couriers will not leave goods without a signed delivery docket. 


All items dispatched to our customers are insured. When an item is sent by couriered or post, despite our thorough protective packaging, damage can occur. In the unlikely event of this happening, please photograph the damage and email through the images to me within 24hrs so that I may action the insurance and fast track replacement into production.


Terms and Conditions

Returns Policy

I'm happy to offer my customers a 15 day return policy should you be in any way unhappy with your purchase as long as the artwork is returned in its original packaging and in its original pristine condition so that it can be resold. I will organize the shipping and issue a refund or store credit for products returned, less half the cost of the return shipping. 



Your Framer 

If your framer damages the artwork when framing, please have them contact me and I can produce another at a reduced price at the framer’s expense. If you have any issues with the framing side of thing’s I’m only too happy to help. I will back my prints and canvases till you have them on your wall and extremely happy. 


Website accuracy

I do my very best to make sure all pricing, sizing and website wording and functionality are correct, but naturally there is always the possibility of errors occurring. If any errors occur it would be wonderful if you could inform me asap and I will rectify the mistake.


Michael Scott Lees is dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information that I collect in relation to you is kept strictly secured. I only use this information to identify your orders, provide you with my quarterly updates and upcoming imagery. From time to time, generic order information (ie: print size, image choice etc) may be used to allow us to better understand market trends and enable us to better service our customers.


Framing and Stretching


Framing an artwork is a very personal thing, thus what I’m about to suggest is just my view. I believe that the frame and mat used to frame a print must match up with some of the colors in the image, but the décor in your house also needs to be considered when choosing mat and frame color.


My major rule is to find in the image the over all subtle color and select a mat that will match that color. This highlights that color more and gives your image a more three dimensional feel. I use this same technique with the type of color in the frame used as well, but you also need to think about the profile (shape) of the frame and make sure it works with the feel of the image and your decor. 


I always recommend using normal glass as much as you can, rather than standard non reflective, as it softens the image and reduces the color clarity by around 10%. Never use standard non reflective glass in an artwork that’s right next to a wind within an angle of 90 degree to the window, as the glass appears quite opaque. If the budget allows one should investigate using Museum glass, it's more expensive but it cuts down on reflections and doesn’t tend to reduce the colors and sharpness, plus it increases the life expectancy of the print.


Canvas Stretching

All my Stretched canvases have the image wrapping around a pine frame, thus the image is also on the side of the frame as well. If you would like the image to only be on the front surface area of the frame with white or black sides please let me know in the special instructions box on the checkout page.


Print Longevity

All the print media I offer are archival quality, they have the finest image quality and fade resistant capabilities.


My Prints (paper) and Canvas media are “Giclee Prints", these are Museum-quality Fine-Art inkjet prints. These prints are made with an ultra-high-resolution fine-art printer, using the very finest archival inks and papers. 


My Metal and Acrylic Prints are produced using a process called dye sublimation printing, this technology makes my imagery stand out with brilliant luminescence and vibrant depth of colour.  The result is a contemporary look and feel for my work.



Independent testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc. (a world-leader in image-longevity testing) has established that these "Archival-Prints"/"Giclee Prints" will last around 200 years before any noticeable shift in color integrity occurs. This longevity is achieved when stored in total darkness and under the right atmospheric conditions. 


Under standard office lighting (which is one of the lowest forms of lighting), with no outside light, color integrity will have around the following longevity.


    Media                                                                               Framed under glass           

Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper (250)                             85 years                           

Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper (260)                              83 years                           

Epson Premium Semimatte Photo Paper (260)                      83 years                          


Epson Premium Canvas – no coating                                     46 years                      

Epson Premium Canvas – with coating                                  60 years                    



The reality of having any artwork, whether it be painting, sketches, giclee prints etc, is that the greater exposer to light, the more an artwork will fade. The reality of how long one of my print media pieces will last before signs of fading is heavily dependent on the amount of light and also the type of light that the artwork is exposed too. The data above will give you a basic idea of the media’s longevity. But if you get any direct sun light on an artwork its longevity is drastically shortened. To be able to quantify how long my fine art pieces last in a room that gets an average amount of ambient sunlight is hard to answer, as all rooms receive differing amounts and intensities of sunlight.


Once again I would like to mention that the media I print on, are of the highest standards for archival longevity.    



All imagery and website content is the copyright of Michael Scott Lees - © 2020 Michael Scott Lees.  All rights reserved.


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